DreamCatchers Equine Rescue It's All About the Horses
DreamCatchers Equine RescueIt's All About the Horses


DreamCatchers has rescued hundreds of neglected, abused and starved horses over the years.

Below are just a few examples of the reason why we do what we do.


Poor Buddy, he was dumped by his owner near San Luis, CO and left to die. Here he is on July 11, 2011, after arriving at DreamCatchers. He had been groomed but it only made him look thinner to lose the mangy hair that covered his poor emaciated body.
Buddy 2 months after arriving at Dreamcatchers
Buddy 4 months after arriving at Dreamcatchers

Buddy  with Julie

Mr. Ed with Buddy

"I love all the horse at the ranch.  So many to enjoy, but one that is really touching to me is Buddy.  Buddy came to us in very poor condition.  He was left on the road side to basically die.  When Buddy saw the trailer he ran right inside as if he was saying " Let's get out of here".  He knew he was being rescued.  So cool. 


He was so thin and run down as you can see from the picture looking as "Why do I want to live".  But due to all and the focus and care Julie and everyone has giving Buddy he is just a fun horse and has the greatest personality as the picture shows how Julie gets him to stick his tongue out after receiving a treat.  Just too funny.  Buddy will never leave the ranch.  He is just part of it now, just happy and full of fun.  Just a joy to have around.
Oh yes, you can see Buddy also loves his back scratched and you can see it on his face.  Oh yeah, right there, oh yes, don't stop!"


Mr. Ed


Buddy Lived 4 years with us here at DreamCatchers.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 23, 2015.  He will always hold a special place in our hearts.



"Passion, her sister Rosie and her mother Shastina Rose were surrendered by an elderly couple who fancied themselves breeders.  They had owned her sire too until he passed away.  Because of the advanced age and failing health of the former owner, the horses were neglected, not starved but other aspects of their needs were not met. 

The most notable of which were the lack of hoof care.  In all her 5 years, Passion had never been haltered, never been taught to lead and never had her hooves trimmed.

As you can see from pictures below, her hooves were in terrible shape. 

With the help of an awesome farrier, Sarah Graves, we took this girl from a completely unmanageable and lame to a fully functioning, intelligent, well behaved beautiful SOUND horse.

Sarah working with Passion's hooves

Picture of Passion Today

Passion with Sarah, the farrier whose work saved this beautiful girl!


Because of the extraordinary collaborative effort of Sarah's Farrier work and Julie's commitment to the health and well-being of her animals, this is Passion today!

Her story and her phenomenal recovery caught the attention of The Naturally Healthy Horse.com website and will be featured in February 2014!

Soria - rescued 7/2011

In the trailer about to start her new life -taken at her old owners home
Soria is well on her way to 100% health — at Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue. Soria is still a resident here at DreamCatchers and a member of our OLD FART barn where they get special feed and care for their advanced age (Soria is over 30 now) and she continues to thrive.  She is also a favorite of volunteers who help with grooming and loving on the old critters.


Suzie was also abandoned and left to die on Wild Horse Mesa near San Luis CO.

She was so weak when they found her, it took over 3 hours to get her loaded into the trailer and to  safety.

Suzie was brought to DreamCatchers where she was rehabilitated.  She has since found her forever home.


Cesar Today

"When I think I am not making a difference in the world, I just look at a horse

 like Cesar and realize that I have made a huge difference in his world and it

 makes it all worth while."- Julie DeMuesy

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