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Ike was rescued from the kill lot back in 2015.  He is a misunderstood soul who is really well trained but has some quirks in his nature.  First, he will not tolerate being caught in open pasture, silly humans, and he will go and stay where he pleases, fences are just a suggestion.


This being said, Ike is really well trained for riding.  He vehemently hates pack saddles and anything to do with being a "pack animal". 


Ike had a brief adoption, about 6 months, back in 2017 where he went to the Broadmoor stables and took tourists on trail rides.  When it wasn't his turn to go out, he decided that he didn't want to stay behind and would jump out of the corral and tag along with the trail riders.

The reason that he was returned was human error.  The human that had adopted him didn't believe in Ike's packing phobia and while on a hunting trip somewhere in Douglas County, Ike escaped and it took close to a month to find and catch him.  He was returned post haste to DreamCatchers, once found and caught.


Ike is a sucker for all things food and will find himself gladly locked in the catch pen, usually with his bud Hercules, as long as there is grain involved.  He is easy to halter once he is in a smaller area and he is always open to kisses on his face as long as that leads to eventual freedom.


This being said, I think that someone who is mule savvy and can speak his language could have a fine riding mule.  Ike is now close to 9 years old so he has a long and healthy life ahead of him if the right person comes along.  In any case, in abscense of this, he has a permanent home here with us and thankfully he likes us well enough to stay within the fences.

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