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Mr. Ed's Corner

Mr. Ed with his buddy, Chip


Ed is an amazing person … he actually thanks us for allowing him to help out when it is us that owe him a big thank you for being our rock.  No one works harder than Mr. Ed for the horses.  We owe a special thank you to Mr. Ed's wife Glenda for sharing this wonderful man with us on weekends ... Mr. Ed was adopted by Chip (son of Diamond who was rescued January 2008 from Jefferson, CO) in December of 2008.  They are quite the pair... Mr. Ed is quickly learning the in's and out's of working with a young horse and is doing an awesome job with Chip ... he is going to be a magnificent horse when he grows up.

                                                                           - Julie

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March 22, 2016

The Good and Bad news.  This week has been a very sad week for my Julie and also for me.


There are so many good things at that ranch make my weekends with Julie and Paul.  It's horses and pets, you know all the lovable ones, which all are lovable.


But this last week was so sad and just didn't think it was going to stop.  I don't like to see my Julie sad or even myself.  But I know and have talked to Julie about it and goes along with the ranch.  Wish it wasn't so, but is part of life.


One thing was Julie's Beau dog, as always was my feeding buddy and guard dog.  What a awesome dog.  He always was besides Julie if she was outside.  Then with my going on 8 years helping Julie and Paul, Beau would also follow me when I fed.  He was like my guard dog and watched me constantly.  All most talking to me saying "It's alright Mr. Ed, do your thing and I will guard you". 


I told Julie many of time how neat that was that he did that with me.  Just so lovable and I called him my little Bear, as that cute face reminded of a bear face.  Of course, he knew I would give him a dog bone for that outstanding guarding to me.


Then I received that sad news that we lost our old timer Joey Horse that was 49 years old.  To live that long was amazing and Julie and I would give him daily belly scrubs.  We had no choice.  He would block you to not get by without the belly scrub.  So hearing that sad news just broke my heart but we knew because of his age that it could be anytime he would leave us.  He will be truly missed by Julie and me.


I receive an message from Julie that Beau dog had to be put down because of his sick conditions that could not be fixed.  Now that tears could not be held back.  Two things that was very important to my weekends.


We were looking forward to our mini Paddington to go to the hospital to fix his bad hind leg.  So Monday would have been his day, but sadly on Saturday we were not prepare but Paddington have been killed in a freak things.  We are were shocked and again to hold back the tears was tough.  He was so lovable, anyone could love on him as he would even come up to you to be loved on.  He will be so missed by all of us.


I thought is was all over with sadness but on Sunday was told in my duties for Julie and Paul that Candice's Hotshot was limping.  I was puzzled to why, he was doing good. 


Then Monday Candice had messaged me tell me Hotshot had damaged his leg and could not be repair and it was broken.   I could only tell you I could not stop the tears for this just another sadness I never wanted to hear.  He was Candice great riding horse and my buddy I accept me with an open heart.  He would let love on him all the time.  Such a awesome looking horse and when he lost his coat he had a Golden Shine made the name stand out "HOTSHOT".


It was just a week I hope Julie or I never have to go through again, but that is something we have no control over and as I have said it is part of being around horses and pets. 

December 31, 2015

As we close the end 2015 and turning 71 on Dec 20th.  I have a lot to be thankful for in my years.  My wife Glenda is something I thought would never happen or could I find her.  Well I did and couldn't be any happier.  Just a perfect person to find.


Then within these years we have two beautiful Kids, Lorie and Eric.  I was always hoping they would be perfect, which I may proudly say they are.  Another wish that came true. 


Now there have been things that have surprised both of kids.  One, I never really like chocolate, milk or gum chewing.  So once in awhile I will eat a piece of Chocolate and Lorie and Eric would call out to Mom.  Hey Mom, Dad is eating Chocolate, or could be I was drinking a glass of milk.  This was always a shock to them. 


Why I didn't like Chocolate was, my sister LaVerne that raised me gave me a medicine that was chocolate in taste that was bitter only making me not liking chocolate.  The other was gum chewing.  Never chewed gum as couldn't figure out how someone could keep chewing on gum that has no taste.  My jaw muscles were sore, so can't see the point in it.


Now here was the killer of that surprise to the kids.  Horses?  Dad likes horses?  They couldn't get over that and always said I always wanted to be around horses, just didn't know how to get there.  Well, another thanks in my life was finding Julie & Paul.  Another dream that came true.  Around horses, plus now I have one (Chip) and just makes my weekends thanks to the support of my Glenda giving me support to do it, plus Julie calling me her "Rock" for giving her and Paul a break and chance to sleep in at times.


Thanks so many to all of my friends that have in my life.  Each of you have a very strong impact on my life and love each one of you.  So yes, friends are very important to me.


Now what is my statement that I believe in everyday.



March 14, 2015


 "It's all about the Horses".  Yes, we do a lot for the horses, water, food, and TLC.  But Julie will give the horses meds for a sickness but what she also does is give that TLC. 

Here is a good example of what really cures a horse.  It is that Loving Tender Care they receive.  If sick, the meds help, but what I say really pulls the horses into recovery is the Loving Care, that they are wanted and loved those are the greatest meds of all. 

I think that is the pulling force that gives the horse the drive to get healthy, so they can be loved.  Once they learn they will not be hurt and can trust the person as in Julie's case here.

You can tell Julie's love for the horses and how it makes the baby so comfortable and saying, "DON'T STOP, LOVING IT".  That is the real medication that works!  Thanks to Julie, the babies are so geared to "Someone Loves me".

February 21, 2015

How is my Chip doing?  He is doing fine and making progress to move out of the round pen.  Lisa Gibson really is lending a hand to help me get on him without him taking off when I put my boot in the stirrup.  He leans fast and just takes a little time. 

Even Julie and Lisa say Chip is a very smart horse which he is.  He is analytical and will study something to figure it out.  Like how are the gates locked.  Oh, a chain, I can undo that, which he has many of times going in the field area he is not suppose to be.  But that's my Chip, half Mustang and Half Paint. 

Now is he comfortable at the ranch.  Look at the picture and you tell me.  Now what horse lays down and keeps eating from the ground.  Yeah, as Lisa would say it, "YEAH". 

What a good life him and others have here at the Ranch....you think he has it made??

January 21, 2015

Well today was a big day.  Today was our 48th Anniversary (01/21/2015). Married 01/21/1967.  Just been so lucky to find Glenda.  She is just the best wife and Mom, we have two beautiful kids.

But the story is, or should say my goal was always to be married since I was 10.  But there were requirements that I held for years.  They were, she had to be tiny, blonde and blue eyes.  Once I set my goal, I never gave up on it.  Now I went out with girls but the goal still was a priority. 

I went in the Navy Reserve and was shipped to Guam for 18 months from 03/1964 to 04/15/1966.  Yes it was in the Vietnam time frame.  I was a Navy Corpsman and worked in the Delivery Room.

Now Guam was not my thing and today to visit an island doesn't last long...OK, like Hawaii.  Went around the whole island and wanted off.  I never did go out with a girl because I was looking for my Glenda.

When I got home, I went to work at a GE manufacturing plant.  There is where I met Glenda’s Mom.  She had a picture of her daughters, so I said let me check it out....First was Glenda’s sister, but she was married, so I told Glenda’s Mom, ok check that off the list.  What's next...There it was MY GOAL. 

All I could do was take a deep breath, as I was in shock, as that was the one, my goal.  But she was just out of high school for one year.  But my heart was beating...She was the one I've been looking for.

Now we went together for 3 months and not really knowing what you say or did then with a girl.  So I asked her to go steady, not really knowing.  She gave me the weird look as are you kidding, go steady?  She replied, no. 

My heart dropped to the floor, so I only had one thing left.....I asked her if she would marry me?  Yes, there was a lump in my throat.  Surprise she say "YES".  I was 21 and she was 18. She weigh 88 lbs and I was 120 lbs.

Now my heart dropped to my toe.  I was in shock, as she wouldn't go steady, but said yes to marrying me....My inner thought was "What did I just do?

So I said “What if we get Married in June 1967”....She said “No, January 21, 1967”......Now I was shocked and all I could say was "OK". 

Now did we start off good.?  No,  I had four collapsed lungs.  twice on both sides all in a 4 month period.  So she didn’t know what she was going to end up with or have to bury me because I was a sick puppy.  So we didn't even have a honeymoon and every time I took a breath she was ready to take me back to the hospital. 

But we’ve made it to the current day.  She has always stayed by my side, always giving me support and helping me to get to other goals I had, like supporting me to be at DreamCatchers. She is just the most wonderful person and I’m really and mean really lucky to have found her.  What a dream come true and two beautiful kids.  Yep, she was it and couldn't stop saying "WOW".

January 5, 2015

Who Let the Dogs Out?  Yep, not only do I help Julie and Paul to sleep in, help feed the horses, and help fixing things around the ranch.  One of my pleasures that Julie also trusts me to do is take care of the dogs.  Yes, four of them Beau, Nico, Belle, and the Big one Tipsy. 

It is it hard? No, but I take responsibility for them when Julie and Paul need to leave the ranch.  One of Julie’s statements is if she returns to the ranch and I'm not there is "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT".  Not only are the horses important but so are the dogs.  All the animals at the ranch hold High priority, Julie gives me the honor to share and care for all of them including the goats, Hooter and Brownie.

I also say to the dogs you need to be good when Julie & Paul are gone.  Do they, well, you tell me.  Look at this picture....Is it hard?...how could it be.  Just neat dogs.....Oh yeah where is Beau?  Beau loves to lay on the front deck to stay cool, but if I go feed he will be right by me, watching over me.

Just too cool and I just love these dogs.  So easy to care for them.  Just do their thing and always good. 

December 31, 2014

OK, it not horses, but I must say how proud I am of my wife Glenda.  She has given me so much support for me to go to DreamCatchers. Help Julie and Paul and a give a rest period for Julie on the weekends....you know, gives a chance for her and Paul to sleep in...Yeah!

But here is something my Glenda does.  We have about 200 aspen Trees on home, as I planted the original 75 that have grown.  Well, of course when winter comes and all the Aspen trees drop their leaves, it is a big task to pickup the leaves bagging them and having the trash company haul them off.  Yes, I could make compost but that in itself is a lot of work and the smell can be over whelming.

So as smart as my Glenda is, she has started just using a blower to blow them in to our drainage ditch.  Then she or I would bag them up for the trash guy.

Well not anymore.  She came up with a with a perfect idea.  We have many nature animals visit us all the time, especially the deer.  We love all wildlife so the deer are always welcomed here to trim our trees, promote growth and keep our area clean. 

Now instead of bagging the leaves up, Glenda blows them to our ditch which is a lot of leaves and no longer bags them.  I asked why and she said because it is food for the deer.  They are hungry and its winter food for them, plus they clean up the ditch and save time and work for her when I'm at the ranch.

So neat to see and watch the deer.  Many don't like it and say don't feed the deer.  We don't, its nature that is doing it.  So it is a Win-Win for both Glenda and the deer. 

They come by in as many as 8 deer in the group to get some food...What a Win-Win.  Good going Glenda....Smart Move.  Why I love my wife...just awesome. 

December 23, 2014

As we close out this year I want to Thank all my friends for a beautiful year.  I couldn't ask for a better life and friends I hold dearly to my heart. 

Who is Mr. Ed's family?  Did I have brother or sisters? I had three sisters, but I did not have a brother and I was called the baby of the family as I was the last born.  Of course because of time my Dad and sisters passed on and miss them dearly.  My Dad and Mom divorced when I was about 4 years old and my Sister LaVerne raised me until the age of 14.  Then shared time between my other two sisters, Joan and Muriel. 

Family is important all I know and now I just have a large family with all of you and thank you all.

My family picture is left to right, My sister LaVerne (that instilled the values I follow today) My Dad (Ed Sr.) so he was known as Ed and I was known as Eddie, my youngest sister Joan and the oldest sister Muriel.

December 20, 2014

Ok, here it is.  I told Julie, I would not be at the ranch on the Saturday Dec 20th.  Why, because hard to believe it was my 70th Birthday.  I wanted to be with my Glenda on that day.

SURPRISE!!! Why, well my wife Glenda and Julie got to be sneaky.  I didn't tell Glenda was I going to stay home on Saturday and not go to the Ranch.  I thought I had it made to surprise her. 

Wrong, it was Julie and Glenda that got sneaky and figured a way to SURPRISE me in reverse.  I love going Shopping always have and always will, but Glenda is does not like going shopping. 

She likes watching football.  So she was watching the Philadelphia Eagle game, then said right at the start, "LET'S GO SHOPPING".  What? that was a shocker for me.  Glenda go shopping???  So I was excited, yeah, let's go shopping.  We headed down to Colorado Springs, but still puzzled to her wanting to go shopping.  Once there we still couldn't find what we were looking for, so I said let's go look at Lowe's.  She was all for it, another shocker, because I said that is down towards the ranch, she said no problem....no problem???? Hummm that was another shocker.

So I was doing my thing, what, looking at wood....yes, love wood, the look and smell of it.  Well looking at it, Julie & Paul walked up behind me, Julie saying "AREN'T YOU TOo OLD TO BUY WOOD".  I was totally shocked that Julie and Paul were in the Lowe's...  So they both said, follow us and we will get something to eat...I said OK but still was in Shock. 

Well Glenda, Julie and Paul planned this whole thing.  GOTCHA Mr. Ed!!! 

Then when we got to Julie and Dale Chick's house everyone was wishing me a Happy Birthday.  It was a Christmas Group and Birthday Party....Wow, yep, Got me by surprise! 

Here is the Big catcher, in 70 years, I have never had a birthday Party because being 5 days before Christmas was in my family here is your birthday and Christmas gift.

So I was really surprise and yes, "GOTCHA Mr. Ed".  But I owe so much to all, Glenda that has given so much support to me going to the ranch and Julie and Paul for allowing me to be part of the ranch, as it is going on 7 years I’ve been with Julie and Paul and would not be possible without all of them.  Why, because just a big WIN-WIN.  I have all of you, my friends at the ranch and love all of you and makes my weekends.  Thank you Glenda, Julie and Paul for giving me all my Friends at the RANCH.  Can do without any of you and thank you for all for the first Birthday Party and wishes I received.

December 14, 2014

Now you talk about a great weekend...Weather wise it wasn't the best but I was there and a good time too.  My Julie wasn't feeling good at all and was on the down side of not being Julie.

Well, going on being there 7 years in April, I have been trained by Julie to do many tasks to help her.  One that many don’t get to do is feed the horses on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Couldn't be any better timing as Julie was not feeling good. I was able to do it all for her plus help from Paul as it was cold on Sunday.  I know Julie really needed the rest. As no matter, rain, snow, hail, wind, all the horse get fed, even including in the dark if necessary. Horses are always happy.    

What is so neat about feeding here are the dogs, especially my buddy Beau.  Every weekend he follows me through the whole feed task.  Just such a neat dog and another thing Julie trust me with, such an honor.

When I first start feeding, I feed the Old guys, walk out the tack room door and there is my Buddy Beau there just watching and I guess protecting me if a horse got out of hand that never happens but could and I could count on Beau that would come in and protect me.  That has happened when he thought a horse was coming to close or acting up. 

Sure a good feeling to have Beau by my side.  He use to ride with me in the truck but his hips have made it hard for him to jump in the truck so we don't even let him try.  Just a good Pup!!!  He's my buddy.  Boy does he like carrots...sees me give the horses some carrots he wants his carrot too.

November 23, 2014

There it is....BOOTS on the ground. So this was a thing most saw from the Tool Barn asking, there’s the boots, but where is Mr. Ed?? 

Yep, beautiful weekend and couldn't ask for a better one.  Saturday was windy but did settle down to a mile breeze.  So grabbed my boots and then got Chip for a long ride.  Of course a day with wind is not fun to ride in and it is distracting to the rider and horse.  But I was going to ride wind or no wind.

Now Chip was being his normal self of throwing is head back and forth, so we had a talk and we are going to do some heavy ground work get rid of this head swinging.  Lisa helped me when I needed to get on Chip.  He has a habit of taking off when I put my boot in the stirrup, so a lot of ground work will be happening. 

Felt so good to get back on Chip and was I doing my relax part from what I learned from two trail rides with Julie and others.  It did help me a lot to learn to relax.  It does work.  Everyone keeps telling me that I'm more relaxed riding.

Of course Danny was there doing his training thing.  Oh yeah, but he forgot to close the stall door for "BOB", so "Bob" took advantage and bolted out of the stall.  So I think Danny needs some training on closing doors.  

Well, Danny did get his training down.  How's that, well, from his quick training of closing doors down pat and I walked in to Julie's Tack room to look at my new leather strap I got Chip.  I heard the Tack room door close behind me and wasn't bad except when I heard to bolt latch to door shut.  I rushed over to the door and tried to push it open.  No luck, Danny's training came through like gang busters.  Why, Danny locked me (Mr. Ed) in to Julie's Tack room!

I had to knock on the door, only to have my Julie unbolt it, when I came out Julie was in one of her hard laughs.  Now Julie would only relate to it as she calls it one of those things she as labeled at a "Ed -isum" and only could happen to me.  Julie thinks I'm one of kind and always ask "How do you do it"?  So, all in all, we all had a good laugh, even Danny. 

Just a great weekend of fun and laughter.

November 10, 2014

He's BACK! 

Yes, this past weekend was just an awesome weekend.  No Pain, No Pills, just plain ranch things. 

I was happy to see many of my ranch friends and to receive the "Welcome Back".  Yes, been a long month and being away from the Ranch and my Chip along with all the horses I dearly love and enjoy.

It couldn't be better timing as my Julie and Paul were not up to par as both had a touch of cold things, aches and pains.  Now my Julie did not feel good at all.  NO PROBLEM, Mr. Ed is back!

Now there were changes but nothing I couldn't handle.  I was able to do all the feeding and just put a smile on my face, saying "I DID IT", as it gave Julie a chance to recover.  Many do not get that chance as Julie is really protective about feeding the horses.  Of course, I’ve been doing it for over 6 years now and Julie knows if I think I did something wrong I check with her and say "I have maybe made a mistake". 

 Then I got to see all the pups... a joy that starts when I get out of the car the all the dogs head for my trunk as they know there are treat bones in there for them. 

Well, what really made my weekend and was like giving me a Million dollars.  My Julie walked by me and said "Thank You" and I asked “Why, what did I do?”  She replied, "Just you being Mr. Ed".  Wow, was a big motivator.  With that kind of thank you that is what will make me move a mountain. 

Finding My Julie - Paul, friends and the Ranch is such a big WIN-WIN.  Couldn't have asked for a better thing to happen to me.  I just thank everyone for making a dream come true!

November 6, 2014

Ranch people: 

I must give some time to the people that have change my life in many ways.

First, if you call me Ed, I probably won't answer because I really want to be called "Mr. Ed".  Why because many I times I get asked what my name is and I said "ED", they reply "TED", No Ed, reply back, "NED", no Ed, so for many years in my working career I came known as Mr. Ed and has been with me to this today and like it so much made my card with it.   

Glenda Jocz:(nickname "PeeWee)  My wife has been the best for support for me to be part of the ranch.  She likes it so well, works for both of us, and since I been dealing with the Kidney stone, when the weekend comes, she looks at me with, "You're here and it’s my "ME TIME".  Meaning she like her weekends to herself! LOL.  I always wanted to be around horses and she help make me get there.  Best Wife!!  

Julie/Paul:  These are ones that have changed my life and made a dream come true. Julie/Paul give me so much respect and so much trust is like handing me a Million dollars.  When in the house they call the lounge chair "MR. Ed's Chair”, I always say, no just a lounge Chair.  Then I spend the weekend there to give them a break and sleep in time.  I sleep in the SPARE room, but they call it Mr. Ed's room.  Again I say, no spare room.  But they won't change that.  Also always call me Mr. Ed.  Julie has taught me so much about horses and will not let me let into a situation that I will get hurt.  As Julie calls me her "ROCK".  That is the biggest motivator I’ve ever had placed on me.  I told Julie when I came to the ranch, I will never leave her.  She said, me being sick she would dock my "PAY".  Really, not, I'm a volunteer.. no pay, but lots of laughs when she said that.  Paul, just unbelievable.  He has taught about farm equipment that I have never known.  Taught me his statement "KEEP IT SIMPLE", so true and it does make things easy.  Just love both these two and will never stop loving them!  Now also, Julie is one that takes care of so many things, but could give her a can of string beans and she would turn it in to a full course meal.  Don't know how she does everything.  I call her a wonder person.

Lisa Gibson:  Wow, some one that always make me laugh especially when she says to me "YEAH".  Just can't stop laughing.  Just an honor to known her.  Has so much talent.  She was the one that said that the Website that was a lot for Julie to handle.  I have seen a lot of websites, but not one like ours.  Says so much and well laid out and the design just awesome.  I look at it many of times.  I wish I had her with me during my working career to show her off saying now this is how you do a website!!  Just always puts smiles on my face.  Just love her to pieces.  She wants me to walk a straight line, so gave me a hat, "COWBOY UP". 

Cheryl Galloway:  Another person with talent.  One that always makes my weekends with laughs.  Also she inspires me as give her a piece of wood and she will turn it into a master piece.  Dealing with my Kidney issue said I was in pain...her reply back...."COWBOY UP".  Boy, that is a motivator for sure!

Ashley Maloney: One that came to the ranch and just a good friend and everyone says to me "Mr. Ed, your girlfriend is here".  Of course I must admit, I turn a little red.  Ashley's day was made when my Glenda said she is 27 year old.  I had to tell my Glenda, no she a little older than that.  Sure made Ashley's day.  Ashley is just a good friend and we have helped each other riding our horses.  Always makes me smile and laugh.  She has a cute smile and tell her that and like anyone, like to see her to laugh which is easy to make her do. 

Breeanna Arndt:  Bree has always made me feel so great and shares her kids with me.  Darn they are so cute.  Bree says I'm one of kind.  I constantly make her laugh...Well, with me that is not hard to do. She at times just shakes her head at me. 

Not to make this long but there are so many that move me at the ranch, Candice Ensign, Ruth Stevens (Moved back to the UK, miss her), Ted, Julie & Dale Chick, Carol Jeffery (that taught me to make a spaghetti salad that was the only thing I had to eat for two weeks when I wasn't eating).  Sarah Graves that keeps Chip in to good shape.  There are many more to list but I could write a book on listing them.  Just have to say love them all and thank them for all the support and the way they make me feel.  A dream come true.

November 5, 2014

To all my Friends,

I know there has not been any updates to my Corner.  The reason is on Oct 10th I developed Kidney pain on my left side.  Always heard Kidney stones very painful and so true.  After 3 weeks and being told my stone would not pass (1/4") I would have surgery on Oct 27th.  Talking to the Dr. Crissey (awesome urologist Doctor) going over the procedure to only find out I also had one on the right side.

Now telling my daughter she replied, "Oh Daddy, you have NUGGETS".  Then telling her I had one on each side she replied back "OH, you got a BOGO, you know, buy one and get one free.”  Well the surgery went good at the hospital (Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs) which I received excellent care. 

Now still in recovery has been more pain because I was told the Kidneys would have spasms, which is just as painful.  My wife has been my best nurse staying and watching me very closely.  I would have to force her to go out to do something she likes like going to Cripple Creek, her favorite to play the slot Machines.  Awesome wife and Nurse!

Nov 1st I tried making a visit to the ranch, as I have missed it so much and feeling bad I couldn't give My Julie a break and letting her and Paul sleep in on the weekends.  The day was going great and after having a talk with My Chip to stop going through the fences and going on pastures that he is not supposed to be.  Did he listen not sure...kind of gave me that look....Right.

Right after seeing Chip, the spasms started and had to sit in a Chair.  Now there was My Julie, constantly checking on me.  Along with my wife, Julie just always makes me feel good.  She has added so much to my life and just love the horses and ranch. 

I’m sorry I could add to the page, as it really depends on me being at the ranch to add stories to the Mr. Ed's corner.  There are so many things to add and the best I could do feeling better and getting back to myself is sending Snap Shots to Lisa to post.  There are so many things that are funny and easy to put together and thank Julie and Lisa for the encouragement to do it.

So please always check the Snap Shot page if you haven’t seen any updates to the Mr. Ed's corner.  Getting better and back to being Mr. Ed!

September 27, 2014

Who Me????  Just unbelievable my boy Chip is at escaping.  There we were having the Weekend Fun Event Saturday and everyone riding went do to our south pasture to get their horses for the costume parade (some pics on the Snap shots tab) of some of the events.

Well, as Dale unlatched the gate to let his horse out, the escape artist Chip saw that Dale did not re-latch the upper wire to the gate...There was his chance and he took it, dashed by Dale and out in the field he ran.

Someone back at the ranch said there is a horse out running in the field.  Paul got some binoculars out and started looking.  Said there is a brown horse out and right away hit me like a thunderbolt....God, that can't be Chip, so Paul said you look Mr. Ed.  My first statement to Paul was, I believe that is Chip running in the field....Yep, it was my escape artist.  He did it again.....my statement laughing, "THAT'S my Boy".  But they got him back in the right area because Dale had a Carrot....Oh boy a carrot and what made him come back!

He so clever.  He will watch you like a hawk to what you are doing...then make is break when he has his plan in place.

Then Julie told me they were loading horses and one other thing he is good at doing is loading in a trailer by himself.  Loading horses in Cheryl’s trailer he made a dash to load in it...only problem was the trailer was full, but he was still going to try to load himself but was told to get away....full load Chip...LOL. 

That's My Boy!!  

September 5, 2014

Who is Mr. Ed??


Well, let's see.  I was born in San Francisco, California. My Dad was a Tug boat Captain in the San Francisco bay for over 40 years.  Made Trips with him, but boats are not my thing.....Jaws is out there!  My thing is to be launched and land back on a aircraft carrier and reach a speed of 1,200 mph with my hair on fire.  My biggest goal!

Married to my wife Glenda and will celebrate our 48 years this coming Jan 2015.  Have two lovely adult kids. Moved to Woodland Park, CO in 1995. MCI brought us here....one of the best moves. 


Contacted Julie in April 2008 and started my horse adventure world.  Dec 2008 got Chip, my buddy.  We are working up to get to a trail ride. Still have to work out some issues.....Like Chip taking off When I PUT MY BOOT IN THE STIRRUP!  We this will end soon with everyone's help.


My likes....My Julie and the girls at that ranch....beauties and there are a lot of them too....Yes!!  Learning things from Paul like, "KEEP IT SIMPLE". 


My dislikes....PLASTIC!!  and things made with Plastic because it always breaks.  "It's Plastic".


My statements:  "Ok, Where are we going with this" (Paul likes this one) Then "You want me to move a mountain, where do you want it and don't ask how I did it" 


My quote: "Time is the Essence of Life, use it Wisely", this comes from me owning over 200 clocks as Time is important to me..."SO BE ON TIME".


That's ME.... simple Mr. Ed 

August 17, 2014

Yeah, Go Mr. Ed!

OK, there it is....beautiful Saturday, slip my boots on, grab my buddy Chip, put the saddle on him, plus making sure it is tight, do not want to slip to his side again! Rise my leg to the stirrup and mount the saddle....

Wow, Something this weekend clicked.  Chip did what I asked of him, I stayed in the saddle while he was doing a canter.....Wow, what is wrong....I'm not a jackhammer on Chip.  Everything came together just put a smile on my face.  It was all coming together and working like never before with Chip.

He was listening to me, following the pulls on him and I was staying in the saddle.

Lisa Gibson and Julie said to me as I was making sounds of joy, you are relaxed Mr. Ed.  That’s why it is working.  Really a true statement as this was the first time I wasn’t scared and much more relaxed.

I believe a lot of it is because of the Trail rides I went on with MY GIRLS and Julie putting me on Skylar just built up my confidence.  Yeah, Go Mr. Ed!

August 3, 2014

Wow, there is was...awesome day. Trail ride number two. How cool. I was with all my friends and my Julie. What more could I ask for another ride! It was just beautiful weather, sites were awesome. Kept saying "How did these big boulders get here?" No answer.

Now this ride was different as Julie had me ride Skylar. Was I a little scared? Yep, really scared as I have never ridden Skylar. But here is the thing, Julie would never put me on something I couldn't handle. Was Skylar good? She was awesome! and just a beautiful day and ride. I just kept my eye out for water and where was Cheryl. I could hear her coming up on me at a Canter. She wants to throw me a in pool of water...Just the nature of her. So I was looking for her and any water around me.

Just a Fun day. Julie couldn't stop laughing at her horse Slick. He wanted to just dance and when he couldn't he would stomp the ground with both feet. What a beautiful day and to be with friends....All I can say is "WOW". Sorry, I'm still like a jack hammer even on Skylar but had a lot of laughs... What a dream come true even with a jack hammered butt!!! LOL

July 20, 2014

OK there was the call from my Julie and it was an exciting one too!  My main life goal is to take off and land on an Aircraft carrier.  Can it be done? sure, always a way if the news people can do it.  So it's MY BIG DREAM.

Well, Julie's call started out asking if I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy!  I have had Paul and anyone else trying to find that person to get me to take off and land on a carrier!  When she said that, my reply back "OH Yes, and I want to be going 600 mph with my hair on fire!  I was really excited and said, "If the pilot says, Eject, Eject, I'm pulling the lever....Eject, Eject!!  I'm out of here! 

Then Julie had to had to get my heartbeat down and say " NO EJECT or Aircraft carrier, especially because the Air Force doesn't land on carriers!”  She then said, "No, to go on a horseback ride with us".    Well the excitement was back on.  You mean to go with you and some of my girls!  Oh yeah.  So the excitement and heartbeat was back on.  I've waited for this for some time to be asked.

So had to change the thought from an Aircraft carrier to a Saddle and that was easy to do with a cowboy shirt and the new boots.  Yep, wasn't wearing a flight suit.   

Wow, what a day...with My Julie and some of my girls and Dale and Ray...no they are not my girls!  What more could I ask, a perfect wish....I wasn't going to be waving good-bye and watching everyone leave this time. 

Julie said she would have me ride her Beau, as Chip isn't there yet or I would be saying "EJECT, EJECT" and feel like I was going off a Carrier for sure.

We are working to get Chip there as my Julie and girls help me out.  But what a day and a beautiful day for a ride. 

Everyone would doing good and at times they started to go at a faster pace.  Then they even got into a gallop which I have never been in before ... so to me it was like being bolted off the carrier and my fanny was pounding on the saddle. 

Julie said slow down Mr. Ed...of course I replied I haven't made this happen, it was Beau just following the others.  Lisa Gibson asked “how was that Mr. Ed?”... All I knew, I was hanging on for dear life as I have again never done that....I don't think I will ever get the hang of keeping my fanny in that saddle...I'm again like a jack hammer pounding on cement...

But what a day and couldn't have asked for a better day.  Beautiful Ride and enjoyable with everyone.  Couldn't stop smiling when I wasn't being pounded on the saddle.  Beau is just a beautiful horse to ride and thanks to My Julie for letting me ride her.  Beau is a well-trained horse and right up her line for trail riding. 


July 13, 2014

OK, there it was, Saturday and riding day with Chip with the new boots. I finally was able to get on Chip without him moving with Cheryl's and Lisa's help.

It's just not Chip, but what I call my GIRLS. Yes, my girls. I have so many at the Ranch and Paul says he is going to tell Glenda (my wife) have a bunch of girl friends!   But she already knows about it because I talk about them all the time.

Yes my girls. Yep that is true but because I couldn't do without any of them and they all also look after me. My Julie, as I can call her that, brought me to the ranch with her Rescue.   Boy, did I luck out. Talk about a win-win.

Ashley Maloney kept telling me I need boots, so I have boots. Kind of walking funny but they work.

Julie always gives me instruction that I can do it. Ashley said I needed boots. Cheryl held Chip for me so I could get on without him wanting to run off. Then Lisa Gibson, held adjust my stirrup length so my legs were equal. A crooked Cowboy doesn't cut the mustard.

Then rode in the round pen a bit and Lisa asked if I wanted to go outside the round pen. I took a big breath of air and in my head saying ( Oh, boy).

Chip did great, then pick up the speed and Lisa asked " Are you having Chip do that ". At that point, my body was in panic mode.... I was looking for the emergency brake, trying to put the clutch in and take him out of GEAR.....No I wasn't having Chip do that.....Hi-HO Chip, I was along for the ride....Where the BRAKE on this guy.

Finally got Chip stopped....Had to, we were heading for a metal fence and I been there before, that hurts too.

But you know what, all this wouldn't be possible without all My GIRLS. Just love them all. They take good care of me. One day, Chip and I will be able to ride with all my GIRLS.

I must end with this. Lisa said, " I question your saddle, it is not sitting straight on Chip. What, you're saying I have a crooked Fanny? No, you're just not sitting straight on Chip. She knows, I have been sideways on Chip before and not good to do sideways on Chip. That hurts...been there too.

But all in all, LOVE MY GIRLS!

July 12, 2014

Well for some time I have been told by many and especially Ashley M. that since I'm riding Chip that I need to get some boots. Ashley was always telling me, "Mr. Ed, you need boots. Your foot will slip in the stirrups with those tennis shoes".


So, I finally broke down and got some Cowboy boots...Me in boots, that's a first.

I sent Julie an email and asked....”Am I now a cowboy?” “Of course” My Julie replied back, " Mr. Ed you have always been a cowboy". Really? It put a smile on my face for her to say that, but riding I'm like a Jack Hammer in the saddle.


Just don't know how everyone keeps their derriere in the saddle.. Mine is all over getting pounded like a pancake... Well, maybe one day.

Plus now, Ashley gave approval of the new boots.

July 5, 2014


Lets Talk Julie ...
It was in early April 2008 I found the ranch.  I retired from the Corporate world, thank god for that.  I didn't want to just sit around watching the TV.  I have my wood work but needed something different.
There I was watching TV and this article came on about a Horse Rescue Ranch.  I have always wanted to be around horses, just didn't know how to go about it or where to look.  This was a dream come true.  So, I tried contacting Julie and of course, if you know Julie, she is very hard to get a hold of because she is so busy.
Well I did contact her, and I saw her on the phone....Yes, I saw her because her voice just fit her perfect.  I asked if I could volunteer and she said with welcome arms, yes. 

When I first met Julie, I told her I “saw” you on the phone, you just looked the way I saw you on the phone.  Now she has a puzzled look as how do you see someone on the phone.  Well, smartphones, but I didn't have that, just a land line, but I saw her, because her voice fit her personally perfect when we first met.   Blonde, blue eyes and small.  Wow, as Dream come true.
I told her I am different than most and that she would be happy with me because I am committed to whatever I do.  In Dec 2008, Paul said "Julie wants to see you in the Office".  Oh God, worst words I could ever hear.... All I was saying to myself..”Have I done anything wrong?" So when I walked in I was on guard and in defense mode.  She handed me a picture of Chip we took together and I thanked her as this was nice to have.  She said, " You don't know what you are looking at, do you?” I said, "Yes a picture of Chip, you and I” The blue paper behind the photo is the Ownership Paperwork of Chip.  Oh, still didn't understand until she said you are the owner of Chip....Wow, almost dropped to the floor. "I have a Horse".
Well, now being 2014, I'm still there.  Julie now calls me her ROCK.  Paul asked “What am I?” I said, “You're just a pebble, I'm the ROCK!”
Julie and Paul have given me so much respect and trust, that is worth a MILLION Dollars to me and the best thing is that my wife supports me all the way.
I just enjoy Julie, Paul and the Ranch and love my wife for the support....Well, I guess I can say I have two women in my life now, because Paul said I can call Julie, "MY JULIE".
What a Dream Come True.  Best decision I have ever made and I Love my wife for all the support.

 High Ho Chip!!

June 24, 2014

Chip Report: Who Me????

Julie reported to me she went out to let the old guys out last night and guess who was walking towards the barn???? Yep, Chip! Trying to write this without laughing just can't happen. Chip is unbelievable. Julie said they moved all the horses to the large pivot area and the gate was left open on the small pivot, so Chip just walked through the fence that he is good at doing, then through the gate walking towards the barn for so goodies...LMAO....


My horse is just too funny. Just couldn't ask for a better horse! He is my buddy

June 14, 2014

OK, Great Saturday to ride Chip! A little windy, but Chip did good with the new aggressive bit that I changed him to so he would stop flinging his head, as Julie said Mustangs do not like things over their nose. Did good with Lisa G's help. I had a problem as I had the saddle go sideways on Chip two weeks ago slamming me in to the ground....Ouch. I didn't have the cinch tight. So I had Julie check it this time because I'm running out of Leather to tighten the cinch up....Thought he was sucking in air...nope, Julie said he is just getting Hay FAT....Yep, that's it, GETTING FAT... Julie said if I rode him more he would lose it, well, maybe lose mine too!!! LOL

May 11, 2014

Oh No, Fell Again, Still Laughing


I was trying to ride Chip.  Now Chip was not allowing me to get on the Saddle.  So Candice  was asked by Ashley M if she would hold Chip for Mr. Ed to get on him.  The help was there but being trained by my Julie, I should have known it wasn't right because the saddle wasn't tight on Chip.  Almost got mounted but the saddle started going sideways.  Now most would jump, no, not Mr. Ed, I hung on to the midway point on Chip the slammed in to the ground. Chip was so good, he jumped away from me and didn't panic with saddle on his side.  Smart, oh yeah, really hurt my shoulder as my arm was extended.  Cheryl G can tell you how that hurts, she been there too. All asked if I was ok, reply yes, but wasn't true.  I was hurting.  But I didn't stop there, tighten the saddle with Candice's advise and got back on Chip and finished riding Chip.  That was fall number one.


Normally at night Julie has her kitchen stove light on.  Not this time.  I had let Molly, Rozalynn's black dog in the house because it was cold outside.  Well I walked in the kitchen, there it was, I was on the kitchen floor laughing.  I was hurting again, but couldn't figure what I tripped over in the dark.  It was Molly.  He was laying in the middle of the kitchen.  The funny thing, he didn't even move or make a sound.  I couldn't stop laughing even though I was hurting.  Fall number two.


Then the next morning, fall three, I was doing my normal barn feeding of Buddy and the other horses.  Walking out of Buddy's stall I heard a noise behind me I thought it was Passion trying to break through the gate, so I turned to look...not good, next thing I knew I was on the cement floor.  I was hurting again, especially my wrist, but I was laughing.  Couldn't believe I was on the floor again.  There was a big horse feeder right at my feet as I came out of Buddy's stall and couldn't get my footing without falling. 


Telling Alex R the story she replied back, "Mr. Ed what are we going to do with you, I think we are going to have to classify you with my horse Honey....She is always getting hurt!".... Yep, I couldn't stop laughing with that statement.   I know telling Julie about my falls, she just had that look on her face shaking her head, "Oh boy". 


Still laughing at myself!!!  But the main thing, all my friends at the ranch always look after Mr. Ed and that is such a good feeling knowing that.

May 4, 2014

No Toes and No Shoes, and No Contracts! Yep! Of course one of my normal statements around horses is "NO TOES"

Well, besides our lovely horses that can get your toes, we also have our other pets that are our dogs. Our dogs Beau (he following me when I feeding), Nico, just a slick white pup from her new haircut and gives many laughs. Now our new addition is Belle (hound). Now with Belle it isn't "NO TOES", it's "NO Shoes and No Contracts"! This dogs loves shoes to chew on. I don't think Julie, Paul or myself have a pair of Shoes that do not have teeth marks on them. Now Paul may be missing some of his inner soles. Belle had his inner sole chewed into tiny piece that could not even be put back in the shoes.

Belle loves shoes, which she can have three in front of her before you could say a word. But she even likes Adoption Contracts! She found an adoption contract and decided she would chew on that!

She is just funny what she does and there isn't any way any of us can do anything but say, “THAT"S OUR BELLE". This is something she will grow out of as she is only 7 months old and it’s a puppy thing.   I know she makes Julie and I laugh. Just a joy to have her.


April 21, 2014

Joey is our oldest resident (47 years old) and my buddy that follows Julie and I around at feeding time to block us in a corner to get his belly scrub.

Now that warmer weather is coming, Julie is letting the old group out behind the L-Barn to have more roaming area. Well, Right up Joey's alley! If he can't get Julie or myself to do his belly scrub long enough he does has fix for it.

His fix is the large pipe that he will head to for out behind the L-Barm for his own belly scrub. Funny how he switches to both side to get is Belly Scrub.

While doing this, I called out to him saying " Joey, don't get hung up on the pipe". Just too funny.

April 15, 2014


Yes, we are a horse rescue, but more than horses get rescued at the ranch.  Like our goats and dogs.  Yep, everything is loved at the ranch like our new addition of Belle.  She is six months old and adds a lot of smiles to our lives.

Now Belle is trying to learn her surroundings and smells.  She is scared because she came from a rescue where her owner did not take good care of her.  Well, not now.  She is getting a lot of loving and caring and yes, she is lapping it up too. 

Belle is even starting to play with Nico, too cute is what Julie says.

Julie had a scary moment. Someone opened the door to the house and Belle, not being comfortable yet, ran out the door.  We thought we would never see her again.  Wrong, Julie said she opened the door late that night and guess who was standing there wanting in? .... Yep, Belle looked at Julie with the look in her eyes, "CAN I COME IN?".  Sure put a smile on Julie's face..."Why sure, come on in Miss Bell".

Now Belle is just a sweetie and has to be approached very carefully because she is not really sure of people yet. Now she is decked out with a new Hot Bright pink harness with a retractable leash.

I think she is getting spoiled...Big time. 

April 9, 2014

 It must be true, Grass is greener on the other side. Again Chip is a smart guy. I thought I blocked the entrance for him and his friend Boomer to get to the other side of the fence, putting him on the neighbor’s property. Did he figure it out? You better believe it!

Yes, if he hears the sound of the truck horn beeping saying "Feeding time", he will go back through the opening he made and Boomer follow him. Too Smart.

Last Monday he turned 6 years old. Happy Birthday Chip, Yes you will get another Cake!!

March 30, 2014



Joey, Joey, give me some room! 


Yep, that's our 47 year old Joey and still head of the group.  He plays with Topper and Julie most of the time, as Julie has watched this saying “too funny”.

Now he does like his belly scrub. As I let him out of his stall I try to move fast because he will track me down and follow me to Memory's stall then does his thing of blocking me in to where I can't move and ask him, "I got it, you want your belly scrub?” ......The lips quiver as he turns his head toward me knowing he is saying, "DON'T STOP....feels so good!”


 I have to get through Joey's belly scrub because there are two more waiting in line for theirs! (Topper and Julie)


So I'm always surrounded by three horses to get there Belly Scrubs .. Too Funny how they trap me in a corner to make sure they get their scrubs. Yes, they love attention and scrubs!

March 24, 2014

Slick AKA Big Guy

“HEY BIG GUY!!!” as you will hear Julie call for Slick. My thing around horses when feeding them or when they get close to me you will hear me "NO TOES". Especially Slick (BIG GUY) ....he has BIG Hooves. Well, I said that to Slick and Romeo while spoiling them both with Grain "NO TOES". What good that did! As Slick caught the edge of my slip-on shoes. There it was, so tight Slick stepping on the edge of my left foot I couldn't even have fallen over or I would have ripped the canvas part of my shoe. That was close! If he would have been totally on my foot it would have been "OFF WITH THE TOES!!!" Thought I had made it through the day with NO TOES. NOT!!! As I was putting Chip out on the Pasture there you would have heard very LOUD... "NO TOES!!! GET OFF MY TOES Chip!! Now anyone knows, a horse on your TOES does SMART!!!

March 16, 2014


Hang On Mr. Ed.... Yep two weekends out of the round pen with Chip and my friend Lisa Gibson, really my first ride with someone.  Great, HANG ON MR. Ed.... Oh Yeah!!! As Chip and I were riding by the outside run Bandit came out and into the run and Chip spooked and jumped sideways.  Shocked and really didn't know what happened but I stayed on!  Lisa said, "Great Job Mr. Ed".  Now my heart was pumping as I didn't really know what happened with the sudden movement but knew I was still one the saddle.

Great job? Didn't know what happened that was so fast!!!  Hang on, you got that right.  Just a great riding day with Chip and Lisa.  Hang on Julie I will be riding with you in the sunset soon!! Chip is just Great!!  Maybe I'm getting this riding thing Down?

March 10, 2014

Ashley with Chip

He's Out of the Round pen finally! Thanks to Ashley M for helping me. She asked if she could help. Yes! I wanted to get Chip out of the round pen so I can get to the point of riding with everyone this summer!! Just made my weekend as I got on Chip after Ashley worked him out.... Wow... No round Pen! Ashley said Chip is Lazy and doesn't do things easy...but that can be worked out in time. Out of the round pen was the big step... Thanks Ashley!! Ashley did tell me, "Mr. Ed, you need to get some cowboy boots” ... Oh boy, a Pollock with Cowboy boots on, that will be a first, but have to listen to everyone helping me.

March 9, 2014

Boomer, Chip's partner in crime


Here was the coolest thing yesterday. We were feeding the horses and there he was...Boomer was on the wrong side of the fence again!!! First thing I started to do was look for Chip....Oh Boy, Where is Chip??? Luckily, he was right beside me eating the feed off the Trailer.... That was close because I thought he was with Boomer...Nope, he was a good boy, feeding his belly!!!

March 9, 2014


Oh No, he's in trouble again?! Yep, Julie said Chip is being bad again....Sneaking under the fences again heading toward the next door neighbors land. What is really bad is, he is taking Boomer with him. Chip was taught by SweetPea how to go under that fence now he is teaching others to do it. He learns fast, one time and he has it down. All I can say laughing..."That's my Boy!! Oh Yeah, he eats car parts and turn signals!!! Again, "That's my Boy"

March 8, 2014

Mr. Ed with Kiahna


He's BACK!! Yep, second weekend in a row back at the ranch after recovering from Pneumonia. Finally back to giving Julie a break feeding and allowing her to sleep-in on the weekends. Oxygen Levels are up at the ranch and so great seeing all my friends. Just feeling like myself again and happy to see everyone, YES!

December 31, 2013


What a funny weekend with Julie and Paul. They can make me laugh to where it hurts!

Here is a picture of Julie's Slick(right) and Romeo(left). When there is a stall that is not really cleaned up, like hay or grain laying around, won't mention any names (Buddy!). Julie gets her Clean up crew... Yep Slick and Romeo AKA Kenmore and Hoover .... Just couldn't stop laughing when she said that to me. She says “Yep, Clean up guys” …

I have to admit they do clean things up really well !

December 9, 2013


Houston, we have a problem …


Joey was scared to go into his stall. He is normally the very first one to get in his stall to eat and drink, this time he fought me not to go.  All I could say was "Joey what are you doing?". I asked Julie why he was acting this way. Julie told me she brought in a Blue Bucket of water to make sure he was drinking and he freaked out with the Blue Bucket!  Now he doesn't want to go in the stall and near his food bucket. I had to get behind him, dig my shoulder into his rear and push. Julie also told me to add a little grain to the top of his food. That worked, finally, he went into the stall and started eating.

The old guys like it the way things are, nothing new and definitely NOT a Blue Bucket for Joey! He had me laughing trying to push him in. Julie sure does get faced with many different issues.

December 2, 2013


Mr. Ed with Calypso and Baby Boy Finn .. Finn is almost big enough to reach over the gate!

November 12, 2013


Well, had the chance to spend 9 days at the Ranch to give Julie and Paul a chance to take a vacation that was well needed. They did hunting and traveled to a place for relaxation and that too was well needed. 

I don't know how to thank Julie and Paul for allowing me to have the responsibility to care for the Ranch, taking care of the horses, cat and of course her dogs... Now was anyone spoiled? ... Of course all were!

I brought a full box of Dog bones to spoil the dogs and Nico would take the bone then guard it for the longest time until she was ready to eat it. If anyone walked by, she would grab it saying, "you're not getting my bone!" Then Beau was asked to lay down to rest. He would put his head in the corner and not being punished but his way of resting. If I had a Dunce cap it would fit the picture ... Just a lot of laughs with the dogs. 

A special thanks go to Ted, the Chicks (Julie & Dale) for feeding the horses in the field. Did an awesome job, as I was told by Paul I could not help ... Dang, he keeps trying to protect my body for getting hurt. But it was just a Great 9 Days and so pleased for the trust that Julie & Paul gave me for baby sitting the Ranch. 

We have to do this again! Always there for Julie and Paul. Can't stop loving the horses.


Here are some of the antics Mr. Ed encountered while Paul and Julie were away ...


Getting Along Together

Ok, feeding time .... I have to get along with her (Memory/right). I like my space (KiKi/left) without anyone bugging me when I eat ..... But now I got the pain next to me and Mr. Ed keeps saying "KNOCK IT OFF"!

Ok maybe we kick at each other and really we don't like each other ... Well, Memory is a pain to be next to so I'll try to show her who is boss, but she thinks she is the boss!! When Mr. Ed says "Knock it off ", we just look at him like.... "Who us, we weren't doing anything", then Mr. Ed says who did this to the fence?

 "We don't know, It was already that way?" Mr. Ed says "Right"



"Hey Jack, Mr. Ed here to feed you. My hands have your food bucket, open the gate for me Jack!"

Believe it or not. Jack is too cool when feeding. I unlatch the gate and he is so helpful. I just say, "Open the Gate Jack" and he pushes the gate open and I walk in with a bucket of his food. Of course he is hungry so he is willing to push the gate open and get me in there fast so he can sink his choppers in to his daily morning and night feedings.

Such a good horse and just too cool.

October 6, 2013


What's in a Name?

Something so cool is how Julie comes up with the horses names. There are many names you could attach to a horse and could be instant. But not so with Julie. She will study the horse. The attitude, movement, how the horse responds to noises and people, etc. Neat how she does it and fits the horse perfectly.

I asked how Chip got his name. Julie said "Chip is a chip off the Diamond". How cool as Chips mom's name is Diamond. Looking at the picture you can see how Julie picked Chip's name. Chip could only have the name Chip and I'm proud of his name. So funny how I could go out and call "Oh, Chip" and out of all the horses waiting to eat, his ears pop up and his cute little white face pops up knowing, "Oh Boy maybe some carrots and I will bow for them".

Just love all the horses names like Noodle in stall 5. Perfect name and just a beautiful horse. Great personality and neat horse. Of course who is in love with him but Passion. Sometimes Passion can have an attitude issue and a little hard to handle but she loves her Noodle. Just calling Noodle makes me laugh.

Now it is amazing how Julie knows all the names. She can tell you each one and I'm constantly asking "What's that horses name?" and she will tell me everytime. Then she will pull a switch and ask me, "Mr. Ed, what's that horses name" ... response, "It's a brown horses or a White horse". There is no way I can remember all the names. Now if you ask me about the Old guys in the L-Barn, I can name each one of them, guess because I've been doing it for almost six years. But outside of the L-Barn you might stump me, what's that horse's name Mr. Ed, "Oh it's a brown horse".


September 30, 2013


Well when it comes to Chip and Sweetpea. These two are masterminds. Chip will analyze the gate and undo the chain. As I have been told by Julie, "Your boy was bad this week, he opened the gate and let all the horses out". Sweetpea will walk up to a wire fence, push down on the center wire, duck and walk through.








Now who could be behind her doing that same thing? Chip! Julie will look out at the field and say "Why are there two horses on the field?" then realizes ... Oh it is Sweetpea and Chip.






September 24, 2013




These are our Lovers in the L-Barn sharing their food together. Topper & Sally. Topper Loves Sally and Sally loves Topper.

Who's saying being old you can't have a love affair?


September 15, 2013


 Now I guess Chip can not tell me he will have an issue with water when I try to cross a creek. He has no excuse now....Right??? We'll see. I didn't have my boots on and he was happy eating the grass. He had the vantage point. He knew I didn't have my boots on. Yep the other horses caught on and thought it was cool to eat the grass, roots and all.

This was during the flooding rains we had this month.

September 4, 2013


Say What? That's not Finn??? This is what I came into on Saturday!

Yep, seeing two not one. What a surprise to see. This boy was big almost the same size as Finn. I thought when I first got there Rayne was standing over Finn. Nope, it was a new guy and I couldn't figure out why he wasn't responding to me when I say, "Hi Finn", then Finn walked out of the stall.... Say What???

 A new boy and I was shocked at how big he was...almost the same size as Finn. The big surprise was Julie didn't even know. I thought she was going to surprise me, No, I surprised her! No name yet but is a cute little guy.

I thought he was three or four days old....no, hours old!

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