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  •   Name:          Joey
  •   Age:         48 year old
  •   Gender:     Gelding
  •   Breed:         Navajo Pony

March 10, 2016

It is with the deepest sadness that I must share that our Joey has passed away. He went quietly in his sleep with his friends all around him.

Joey came to live with us in December 2007 at the ripe old age of 39. He gave us 9 more years of the gift of knowing and loving him.

He loved his belly scrubs and would follow us around his paddock til we would give him some scratches.

Paul always asked why I kept getting Joey up when he couldn't do it himself but Joey always had a zest for life, loved his food, played with his BFF Topper, took care of his old girl Julie (the horse one). The minute he got on his feet, he'd pee, poop and head straight for his food bucket.

We will meet again Mr. Joey, across the rainbow bridge.


Yes! You Read That Correctly ~ Joey is our most senior resident at Age 47!

Joey was rescued in Jefferson, CO in December of 2007 as part of a seizure from a "horse sanctuary" called the Flying Ah Horse Rescue.

He was one of 42 horses on the premises that were seized and we were later told by the lady who had sent him to live at this place (thinking it would be a wonderful retirement home for him) that he was born in 1967. 

She had acquired him at the age of 22, in 1989 and she had owned him for some 17 years until 2006 when she decided to retire him, at age 39.

Joey was very thin and we discovered the reason for this was that he had very few teeth left and those that he did have did not match up enough for him to be able to grind his food. He was started on a special diet of alfalfa pellets and senior feed, watered down to an oatmeal consistency. 

Joey receives at least 20 pounds of this mixture with added probiotics and joint supplements daily to keep him happy and healthy and at a good weight. 

He rules his old fart barn, it is his herd, his family and his turf...we just love to see him run off horses half his age. You don't mess with Joey. 

"He da Boss" as Mr. Ed would say.






Joey with President Julie DeMuesy Christmas 2013

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