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DreamCatchers Equine Rescue

How We Came To Be



It all started almost 20 years ago when Paul bought Julie a horse named Raven. Little did he know how this loving gesture would change the course of their lives forever...


Not long after Raven came into their lives, El Tivo found his way into their hearts and home, then Keeta, Pawnee, and Amir .. and the herd began to grow.


Raven is still Julie's best girl and lives at the ranch along with Beau, Pistol, Taz, Samson,  Skylar, Slick, Hercules and Peek A Boo.  Julie and Paul's personal herd.


Keeta was a yearling with a very sad start to her life. Just after she was born, her mom accidentally stepped on her and broke her leg. If that wasn't enough, she developed bacterial arthritis in her front knees that would eventually leave her completely incapable of bending her legs.


Her owner was going to have her euthanized because she could never be "useful". Keeta was truly the very First Rescue. We gave her a chance. As she grew, she became accustomed to her disability and she thrived. Keeta found her perfect home with a young man who had cerebral palsy. He could not ride, she could not be ridden but he could love her, and so he did and does to this day.


Pawnee and Amir now reside with Bill and Lisa Papi of Elizabeth, good friends and supporters of DreamCatchers. El Tivo lives in Woodland Park with one of Julie's best friends, Sue.


These horses chose their people and that was the beginning of our mission.

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