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Julie DeMuesy

President and Founder

"My love for horses began at a very early age. My mother loved to tell me about the imaginary herd I had when I was no more than 2 yrs old. She said I would list their names and colors; they lived in our basement and went out in our back yard, daily, with me.


I was 8 years old when my parents divorced. That is when I got my first horse.


Sunny, a beautiful Palomino Mare. We spent two awesome years together before she suddenly died of a twisted intestine in January 1970.


I next found Samson, a beautiful bay, 1/2 Arab gelding, who at 2 yrs old was barely green broke. He was my first real experience with a true soul mate...we just got each other. Sam and I were together until 1979 when I met and married my first husband...should have kept the horse!


It was was nearly 20 years later that I re-entered the horse world, after raising my two sons and finding my second true soul mate, the man of my dreams, Paul, who bought me a horse … We named her Raven."


Mr. Ed (left) with Paul DeMuesy (right)





 Paul DeMuesy

Paul will be the first to admit that he does not share Julie's passion for horses. Ask him why he is involved in this adventure, he will tell you simply that HE LOVES HIS WIFE.


 Paul worked 2 full time jobs, for much of the early years, to help provide the financial support needed to get this project underway. Lately he has turned his time and attention to improvements at the ranch...new pens, new loafing sheds, cleaning and organizing the place...you will be amazed at the changes.

Paul is a big reason we are able to feed the horses. He searches high and low for the best prices on hay, making it possible for us to maximize our feed budget, and keep the entire herd fat and healthy.

His next goal is to grow, cut and bale enough of our own hay, each summer, so that we don't have to buy much from other sources...there is no doubt that our hay barn will be filled to the rafters by first snow!


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