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A Letter From Julie


"Living in the world of equine rescue is such an awakening. There are so many uplifting moments, like when you take in a horse that is so emaciated you don't know how it is still standing, and you bring that horse back to health and vitality. The ultimate is when you witness that horse choose it's forever human soul-mate. I have seen this dozens of times now and it never loses it's magic.


Then there is the satisfaction of knowing that horses left to die in the desert, with no adequate food supply or water source, with strangles and other illnesses, were rescued a month ago and are now rehabilitating here at the Rescue, recovering from their illnesses, putting on weight, becoming used to a human's touch, and beginning to trust people.   Update, as of September 2013, all but one of these babies have found their humans and are in their forever homes.  


Anyway, all of my ramblings aside, Rescuing these horses is my lifes' passion...


Making sure they have long, happy, safe lives is my goal...


This being said, I have to continue to do the thing that is the hardest for me and that is ask for all of you who visit, and appreciate our website, take a minute and think of ways you can help our horses. It is not helping me, or the other people here at Dreamcatchers, it is helping the horses. We put our hearts and souls and most of our personal income into saving and caring for these wonderful animals. 


With the drought and economy today, we have nearly 100 rescue horses to care for, feed, vaccinate, train, etc. and will probably take in more.

We make many trips to pick up horses from other rescues who need to downsize their horse rescue program. From horse owners no longer able to afford to care for their horses. 


Give what you can, be it money, feed, your time, or your experience...I guarantee that you will get more than you give if you hang out here for very long.


Thanks to all our wonderful supporters and volunteers."



Julie DeMuesy
DreamCatchers Equine Rescue


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