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Recently Adopted!

In a perfect world, every horse we rescue will find their perfect forever home. 

Here are just a few of our recent success stories.


Congratulations to Rebecca and Rick Walker (Hercules too) on the addition of Tucker to their family. 


Another perfect match made at DreamCatchers.



It's a win, win, win for these guys. Cherish and Dude came to DreamCatchers off the kill lot April 2019 as unhandled weanlings.


They were given time to grow and learn to trust and it has paid off in helping them to find the perfect home with Carol and Craig Flathers.


Congratulations Dude and Cherish and Carol and Craig.  Cannot wait to see updates on these kids.

"Princess Leia"

Our special little girl could only be adopted by equally special people. Congratulations to Tawnia Weber and Danny Bustamento!! Best wishes to all of you!


Trendy will be moving to Wyomingk with his new owner, Krista Sheets. Congratulations to Trendy and Krista. Safe Travels to you both!


Wilson went to his new home with his family Mike and Paula Shill and their daughter Erica. This is true horse love. They bought a new house just so Wilson would be able to live with them. Amazingly happy ending for a horse headed to slaughter a year ago !


Congratulations to our Chandler. He joined his new family today in Blackforest. Chance (formerly known as Piston of Safe Landing Horse Rescue) looked excited to have another guy to play with. Overall his arrival was anticlimactic as if he was always part of their herd. We are looking forward to watching him grow and thrive with Susan


Congratulations to Chewie and his new Family. Jason and Tammy Wright of Colorado Springs are the proud new owners of this beautiful boy. Congrats to all!!


This beautiful girl, known as Miracle on the lot, has been adopted and will be going home this weekend to her new family. She will be keeping the name, Miracle, because her new little girl Shaylee says it fits. Miracle has a long happy life ahead of her in her new forever home.

Our little Loki was adopted by DaNae Kramer. Congratulations DaNae and Loki!


Beautiful Sandy found her forever home with Amanda Johnson! Congratulations to both of you ladies!!


Toner found her people!! Dreeanna and Julianna Poggemiller of Colorado Springs welcomed Toner to their family in Colorado Springs!! Congratulations! 


Sweetness and Mufassa found their forever home with Robert and Lee Gonzales of Pueblo West. Congratulations!!


Sweetness and Mufassa found their forever home with Robert and Lee Gonzales of Pueblo West. Congratulations!!


Passion has been adopted by Allie Wilde and Timothy Torongeau and joins their other horse a 29 year old gelding that has been a member of their family for over 10 years and also another pasture mate, Dude, owned by Sara Simpson who resided at DreamCatchers for a time.  Passion will continue her training under the gentle hand of Tim and Allie.  Congratulations Tim and Allie and heres to many happy years with our little Passion.  We will miss her but are so happy she has found her forever home.


Congratulations to Beautiful Girl Velvet!! She found her forever home with Emma and Felix Rivera and will be living happily across the Interstate from DreamCatchers.


Congratulations to Indy!! She found her forever home with David and Erica Austin of Fountain, CO


Congratulations to Rayne!! It's official, Rayne is now the proud owner of Misty, Christopher, Lily, Maia, Cruz and Beau! One big happy family!


Congratulations to Spirit!!! Jessica and Dustin adopted them along with Hank, Trixie and Mooney and all will be moving to Casper, WY. On the 14th if September. Congrats on your new herd!


Congratulations to Hank!!! Jessica and Dustin adopted them along with Spirit, Trixie and Mooney and all will be moving to Casper, WY. On the 14th if September. Congrats on your new herd!


Congratulations to Angel! She found her forever home with Lindsay and Dustin Oligny of Pueblo.
If you've ever seen the Movie Hotel Transylvania you will understand the reference to Lindsay's statement after spending a little time with Angel. She said they just "Zinged" :)


Congratulations to Sharif!! Sharif and Bunni with their New Family, James, Bobbi and Honey.


Congrats to Laurie and George on the awesome addition to their family. Vixen will remain at DCER for the next couple months as her humans learn more about how to care for her, and continue their search for horse number 2. Laurie and George have property in black forest where they will eventually take her.


Congratulations to Calypso and her new family!! Rebecca and Cora McKenzie! Calypso and Rebecca have gotten to know each other over the past couple months and the McKenzie's made Calypso an official member of their family July 1st!

"Anna and Micah"

Congratulations to Anna and Micah, both were adopted by the same family and will be living with their brother, Stumpy. The girls' backyard is Fountain Creek with acres and acres of trails to explore!


Congratulations to Whiskey, she has found her forever home with Jamie who is a retired soldier who plans to train whiskey so that she can trail ride with her son Payton and share her love of horses with him. They also have a 4 yr old gelding that is currently in training for Payton.


Dave and Tracy K. of Fountain, Co adopted Luna for their daughter, Emily. Luna joins Zip, who was adopted from DCER in 2009, Sweet Pea and about 100 cows. Congrats to Luna and her new family!


HUGE Congratulations to Jack! Jack has come full circle back to his original owner. Jack and Duane were separated for a couple years, and they found their way back to each other. Like it was meant to be the whole time. Congrats to Jack, Duane, Kara and family !!


Tonka went home to his forever home today. Congrats to Tonka and his new family!!


Megan O of Monument fostered and trained Syke last year and has now made her part of the family!  Megan is a mulitiple adopter with DreamCatchers, she had Helen until she passed away in her mid 20's and also adopted the baby Rosie, whose Mama was rescued back in 2007 from Jefferson County. Congratulations to Megan and Skye!!


T has found her Forever People with Scott, Carol, Andrew and Bella Brown. Congratulations to T and to the Brown's!


Happy News, the Kushners are adopting a girlfriend for Big Red...Dinah will be going home to Vineland on Tuesday. This awesome little red mare will FINALLY have a permanent loving home. Congratulations Dinah and Congratulations to the Kushners!!!

"Red Bourbon"

Red Bourbon has gone to his new forever home in Vineland, CO with the Kushner family, Kim, Chris, Ashley, Shannon and Shayla. Kim and Chris have owned horses before but not for the last 10 years or so. They want to give their 8 yr old twin daughters and their 21 yr old daughter a life with horses so Red will be the first of at least 2 that will live with them for the rest of their lives. Kim rescues dogs and has a variety of critters including 7 dogs, chickens, and several cats. Congratulations to Red and his new family!!

"Lady Antabellum AKA Bella"

Bella is going to live with Finn and Rowdy! What a lucky girl, she will have a great home not far from the ranch. Congratulations to the Coble Family and to Bella!!


Boomer has found his people! Congratulations to Boomer, such a special little guy.


Maximus was adopted by Lanie and Kevin Johnson. Maximus will live with his adopted brother, Gideon who was also adopted from DreamCatchers! Congratulations to our Desert Baby Maximus and his new family!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Gunther found his forever home today! His human, Pat, recently lost her beloved girl, Kiki, to colic and was looking for a new connection., Gunther is 25 years old and he will be living happily with Pat who we know will take wonderful care of this special man for the rest of his life! Congratulations Pat and Gunther!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Destiny found her special people today!

Special Thanks to our Volunteer, Dale, for working with Destiny to get her ready for her forever home! Destiny was adopted by the McKenzie family .. Congratulations!

"Finn and Rowdy"

 Both of these boys would not be here if it weren't for Julie at DreamCatchers. She rescued both of the Mommas pregnant and we welcomed the boys into the world last Summer. They have grown into very loving, handsome young men and were lucky enough to both be adopted to the same Family in Pueblo West. Congratulations Boys! You will missed. Please Keep in Touch!


 Awesome news, Miss Xena has been adopted by a wonderful couple from Falcon. They said goodbye to the horses they loved after a wonderful 14 years together, one was 37 and the other 40. The horses had been together for over 27 years. This will be the forever home this magnificent mare deserves so much. Congrats to Xena and her new mom, Cheryl.


Email from Cheryl to Julie months after adopting Xena:

I was just talking about Dreamcatchers yesterday and it prompted me to send this email. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for not only the horses but for the people that get to love them. Xena is doing well and keeps me smiling. We took our first long ride out of the pasture yesterday and she did really well. She greets me morning and night with a nuzzle and whinny and will do just about anything for a cookie.

My job often entails long hours and lots of stress, but she is the best therapy ever. Thank you for rescuing her and giving me the opportunity to adopt her.

Thank you,


 Bill P. and Jami C. have adopted Tessa for their daughter Demi. It seemes to be a perfect match cause Tessa loves to be pampered and cuddled. Demi loves to cuddle and pamper.


They live in Arvada and will be doing Westernaires together. Congrats to Tessa and her new family!


Patrick met his latest and hopefully forever person Jerod W. They seem to be a perfect match. Patrick is a very smart boy and tries to figure out ways to get out of work. Jerod is not easily intimidated by Patties shenanigans and with the help of our trainer, Alex Roy, Jerod and Patty are working on that issue. Congrats to Jerod and Patrick!


It took 5 1/2 years and a new level of maturity but Zanzibar has finally found his forever home with Vicki of Pueblo West. His new BFF, Jerry, was very happy to see him after having been alone for the past few weeks after his longtime herd mate of 14 years passed away at the ripe old age of 28. Congratulations to Zanzibar and his lady Vicki.


The General picked his new family today. Congrats to Richard and Carol on their new addition!


Bella was adopted by Scott and Carol Brown. The Brown's had no intention of adopting a horse but they came to visit with Carol's parents horse, The General, and found an instant bond with Bella. Congrats to Bella and her new family!


Congratulations to Wonder on finding her forever home today!!! Wonder now has a great family and a young boy to love and spoil her!!

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