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  •    Name:        Topper
  •     Age:           Mid 30's
  •   Gender:         Gelding
  •   Breed:              Quarterhorse/Arabian

Topper is an ageless old guy who came to DCER in 2008.  He was adopted for a couple of years by a wonderful family along with his old friend BoJangles but sadly returned to DCER in 2010 when his family lost their ranch and had to move back into town. 


Topper was retired to the Old Fart Barn and is Joey’s second in command and will sometimes give Joey a ration of grief by trying to take his feed. It is comical to see those two old men go at it.  We thought we were going to lose Topper in 2012 when he was not only stricken with strangles, but as he was recovering, he developed a condition called Purpura-Hemorragica. 


Miraculously, we were able to get him over both illnesses and are still blessed to have him still with us.  He is quite the character.

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